An eye on the weather

Recovery team is fully assembled in Baiona.  We met last night, looked at the weather.  As expected, the choices are between bad and awful.  We hope to leave during the awful weather tonight to arrive during the bad weather tomorrow.  We meet with the ships Captain in 1 hour, go over procedures, start setting up equipment while still at the dock, and take another look at the weather reports.  Scarlet is placed exactly where we want her, a few miles offshore of the 12 W (green) line in the plot below.  This is about as close as we dare approach at this time.  Someday we will learn more about operating gliders in these waters, but until then, we will stay clear of the swift currents to the south and the heavy vessel traffic.


2 Responses to “An eye on the weather”

  1. Wendell Brown Says:

    To Scott & his Intrepid Team of Oceanographers
    We empathize with the challenges you all face as you aim to recover Scarlet in a wild ocean - and wish you well at historic milestone.

    Be safe and God speed!

    The OCEAN Observation Laboratory (OCEANOL) at UMass Dartmouth
    Wendell Brown, Chris Jakubiak, Shawna King, Gustavo Marques, Filipe Fernandes, and Frank "Chico" Smith

  2. DBLandrith Says:

    If your vessel is Investigador, it doesn't show up on Another small detail.
    Be careful and God (and Neptune) speed.