The Night Before

The Scarlet Knight has now flown 7379 km in the 219 days since it was deployed offshore New Jersey on April 27.  It is now located just offshore 12 W, the safety (green) line we drew that kept us offshore of the heavy shipping traffic.


The recovery crew is in Baiona, Spain.  The recovery vessel, the Investigador, is ready in Vigo.  The vessel is loaded with recovery equipment, the freewave antenna is mounted on the top mast, and three external Iridium antennas are mounted on the port side.   Freewave is how we will talk to Scarlet when we are within line of sight.  Iridium is how we will talk to the COOLroom at Rutgers in New Brunswick, NJ.


Here is where we are heading.  Just offshore of the 12 W (green) line. Currents are to the southwest, about 12 cm/sec.  We are flying into the current to station keep, maintaining our position as best we can until we arrive on the Investigador.  The waves are forecast to peak early thursday morning.  We'll head out on the decreasing side of the storm, timed to get us offshore by 12 W near first light on Friday morning.  If waves are near the forecast 3 m level, we hope to be able to lower the zodiac into the water for the recovery.


And here is our target.  RU27.  The Scarlet Knight.  Its the night before we sail. We have prepared everything we can.  We have met the amazingly capable crew on the Investigador and worked alongside our Spanish counterparts for the full day.  Now we try to sleep.


2 Responses to “The Night Before”

  1. Filipa Carvalho Says:

    Hey guys!! Good luck for the recovery! Have a nice trip and I'm really looking forward to see you all in Baiona. Bon Voyage!! Boa Viagem!!

  2. Rich Kressly Says:

    Best wishes for a smooth and momentous recovery.