Web Cam Address


On left, click on COOL Room Web Cam to follow along thursday night and into Friday morning.

7 Responses to “Web Cam Address”

  1. DBLandrith Says:

    Thursday morning, Pacific time.
    I was able to watch you run the gauntlet until about 75 miles offshore.
    Be careful.

  2. Zdenka Says:

    I enjoyed listening into the COOL room until about 1am. Did not make for the excitement as I am clobbered with meetings all day on Friday.

    I just want to express my sincere Congratulations on your awe inspiring mission.

    A toast to all of you for a job extraordinarily well done!


  3. Bill Boicourt Says:

    Scarlet Team: Congratulations! Great Job!

    I hope that Discovery Channel picks the story up--we'll notify the troops.

    Great accomplishment.


  4. Katie Gardner Says:

    Congratulations! It was so exciting to watch this mission progress.


  5. DBLandrith Says:

    Honor All!
    Congratulations to an international effort. From New Jersey to Antarctica to Spain and Portugal.
    Real world spectator.

  6. Cheryl Peach Says:

    Congratulations you guys! Wonderful news! Hope there is lots of celebrating on both sides of the Atlantic!

  7. Jennie Lyons Says:

    CONGRATS! I wish I could be there with you guys, but I'm there in spirit!