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late so a quick data update before a fishery glider discussion blog tomorrow

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

It has been a long, but great day with a big celebration of RU27 .  Two elementary schools, 4 deans, and 1 University President, ~40 undergrads, all wanting to geek for oceanography.  A good day, but we have glider flying tonight, so how does it fair?


The glider is heading cross shore and slightly south.  It is making good progress with storm driven southerly currents decreasing and the glider successfully adjusting to hit the prescribed way-point.


The decrease in nearshore currents was corrborated with the HF radar codar data.


The glider data does not show much structure in the vertical, except in the midshelf during the peak storm intensities. .  Except for low density water nearshore largely due to low salinity water, there is no structure in the optical or phytoplankton distributions.