A small adjustment

We have a slight increase in the currents to the southwest reported by Cook. Not enough to stop us, but why let it slow us down. We'll move the waypoint a bit to the east to try to avoid these small countercurrents. We are shooting for that strong current to the northeast in between the two eddies. We are trying to follow the blue line superimposed on the surface current field shown here.


2 Responses to “A small adjustment”

  1. DBLandrith Says:

    Hi there;
    So they finally handed over the keys?
    The game is on.

  2. Scott Says:

    DBL - Good to hear from you.
    The international team continues to return!

    I never did finish those blogs I talked about back in December.
    First the holidays, then the semester .....
    But the documentary team is getting pretty close on their video.

    Yes, Chip and Tina from the Azore's team deployed Cook with Tod from Teledyne Webb Research. Tod has been doing some tuning, and just handed us a glider with twice the speed of RU27. Combine that with an extra 1000 m of depth (RU27 max depth was 200 m, Cook max depth is 1200 m), and we are much less at the mercy of the currents. Just how much less remains to be learned. Two new students took the wheel today, Amelia and Kyle from our Challenger Mission class. That will be the next blog entry.

    Thanks for waiting out the long winter with us.
    Its good to be back at sea.