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Cook Approaches the Center of the First Eddy

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Cook is now approaching the center of the first eddy along the 26.5 N.  We experienced strong currents to the north up until now.


Altimeter map below shows us in the center of the eddy.  We will soon hot a strong current to the south that brings us back to the 26.5 N line as we continue to head to the deep waypoint. Note the U shape to this current just to our east.  First we are pushed south, then north.


Now check the HyCOM results below. The U-shape is not present.  It is now a straight shot to the southeast.  Cook will be flying into this region of disagreement.


And below is the overlay of HyCOM currents in white and altimeter currents in black.  Area of disagreement is the U-shape.  Other currents and eddies in the region appear to line up.


We have noted this disagreement before.  It appears to persist in the model and the altimetry.  A good question for Cook to investigate.