Crossing the Tropic of Cancer

Depth-average currents are low with the most recent report being only 6 cm/sec. After all, Cook is diving to 1200 m, so we expect the currents to be much less than we are used to seeing from near surface gliders like RU27. Cook is also fast, about twice as fast as RU27. Still we like to use the currents to our advantage. To do that, we have now flown about 120 km to the Northeast along the green line. The most recent surfacing just crossed over onto the northern side of the Tropic of Cancer. We'll spend the entire crossing north of this line, hopefully returning south to it on the other side.


Two days from now is the 1 year anniversary of the launch of RU27. What shall we do to mark this occasion? Any suggestions?

One Response to “Crossing the Tropic of Cancer”

  1. DBLandrith Says:

    Dr Glenn;
    Dang; I haven't had an update in nearly 2 weeks. Cook is still is moving NNW and now I don't even have a current waypoint.