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Cook continues progress in strong currents.

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Cook has encountered strong eddy currents over the past few days, up to 33 cm/sec. But Cook is also a fast glider, running about 39 cm/sec.  This appears to be a critical balaning of typical ocean speeds, glider speeds and energy use.  Despite the strong currents, Cook is managing eastward progress.  This would not have been the case last year with RU27.  But Cook just manages to keep moving forward.  The altimetry is the most recent product that gives us an idea of what is going on. We are moving from one sea surface heigh to our north, and approaching a new sea surface high to our southwest. Once we bust out of the influence of the high to our north, we have a long steady current to the east we can ride.

Our students working on Cook for the summer return on Friday.  They are off on a training cruise.  We hope to get everyone at Rutgers and in the Canaries together on a skype session on Friday morning our time, Friday afternoon Canaries time to start developing our summer plan.