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Cook pushes through

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Storms to the north and clouds to the south along the equator.  Clear skies over Cook.  And lots of activity in the Gulf.  We still keep an eye on Cook, but little time to update the blog.  Oil spill blog gets all the attention right now.

Zoom into Cook and the glider currents and you see we broke through that strong head current we were hitting for about 2 weeks.  We never could have done that with RU27.  Cook is a fast glider.

On to the SST.  Its clear, but the contrast is low.  Not a lot that stands out.

So lets switch to altimetry. Cook is entering a quiet zone of low currents. We'll fly within this zone, staying along 26.5 N.  if we were in a race against time, we would make the jump south to catch the favorable current along 26 N. But we have battery life and we are trying to stick to our science mission of sampling along 26.5 N on this segment of the trip.

HyCOM model says the same thing.  We are entering a quiet region. We'll make the next waypoint on the other side of this quiet zone as shown by the blue color, and see how long it takes to get across.