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Glider’s Currents Disagree With Altimetry and HyCOM for Eddy

Monday, June 14th, 2010

The above picture shows that the Altimetry's currents are to the southeast while Cook's currents are to the northwest. The disagreement between the two will make this a very interesting point to examine.

The HyCOM and Altimetry data show an eddy between the glider and the way point. Since both the Altimetry's and HyCOM's currents say the eddy is circulating counter clockwise while the glider's currents are in the opposite  direction, this is an area of high uncertainty. We will be flying the glider through the eddy to see how the glider currents will compare to HyCOM and Altimetry for the rest to the eddy.

Cook’s and HyCOM’s Opposite Currents

Monday, June 14th, 2010

The image shows the comparison of currents from Cook to the currents from HyCOM. The currents from Cook are to the northwest and the currents from HyCOM are to the southeast. Since the currents are in opposite directions this will be an interesting point examine.