Cook CTD sensor working great

So we plotted some CTD data from yesterday's casts and it appears this sensor is functioning well. There does not appear to be any lags, meaning the CTD does not show any delay when reading the temperature data on the down and up casts at the thermocline.  When this occurs, we do not get an accurate reading of the position and strength of the thermocline.  The plots below show the results of yesterday's casts and we determined some good news.

The first plot shows one entire down and up cast from June 15, 2010.  The other two plots are zoomed-in figures of the upper 250m of the water column and also the water column between 250m - 850m.  Both of the zoomed-in figures show a randomness in the data, meaning that the results are an indication of the oceans natural currents.  The CTD doesn't show any delays in the readings between the thermocline where you have a change from warm to cold waters.  If that were the case, we would have seen a difference in the up and down casts.

We also saw a similar result with the salinity profile.  Below is a plot displaying the salinity data.

We are going to continue to monitor the CTD over the weeks ahead and we will keep everyone updated with how it is functioning.


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