Intricate Web of Ross

Hey everyone, we found some amazing information on the Ross Sea. Here are some links to mounds of info on the Ross Sea and anything remotely related:

1. Antarctica: Geology, Glaciology, and Wildlife

2. James Clark Ross

3. Britannica of Ross Sea

4. The Last Ocean

5. This is purely for your entertainment: a band based off the Ross Sea called the Ross Sea Party, all they share in common is the name

Pretty Good Music

6. Phytoplankton Bloom in the Ross Sea:

Cool Ross Sea Image

7. Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition:

Protecting the Ross Sea

Here is some science sites that can help anyone else in the Ross Sea Party --

8. Colossal Squid Info:

9. Glacial History of Ross Sea:

Lake Glacial History of the Ross Sea Sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Evidence from Englacial Layering at Talos Dome, East Antarctica

10. A 100- Year Oxygen Isotope History from the Ross Sea Area, Antarctica:


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