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Start of the 2011 MAB spring sampling season: 4/15/2011

Friday, April 15th, 2011

We are starting of the integrated sampling of the MAB for the year, and after a tardy start, blogging is now beginning using the MARCOOS.

Sea surface temperature show warming in the southern areas of the MARCOOS grid compared to the northern water offshore Massachusetts.  The nearshore waters are indicate high chlorophyll concentrations. There is variable phytoplankton concentrations across the continental shelf, with low values associated the Hudson Shelf valley.

The currents have been variable of the last four days, with surface currents decreasing in the southern region of the MARCOS domain. There is spatial variability with strongest currents off the Massachusetts and associated with the Gulf Stream offshore Cape Hatteras.  The currents are generally declining over the last 4 days.

There are two gliders deployed.  The community deployed a glider 5 days ago and it has conducted a cross shore line off Tuckerton, and has just turned south and will zig zag towards our partners in Maryland. The shelf is now showing slight stratification.  In the mid-shelf of the there are warm temperatures.  Nearshore waters are lower salinity.  Chlorophyll fluorescence is highly variable.  Nearshore the chlorophyll values show highest   concentrations, especially at depth.  The high nearshore values are coincident with the high particle loads.  The offshore waters show high values in the 40-60 isobaths.  The higher values offshore are associated with lower temperatures.

The second glider was launched from Massachusetts on Thursday on the 14th of April.  The temperature data of the small ammount of available data seems to indicate some shelf stratification.  The optics data will be posted on the next call in.