Change of plans!!!

Hey everyone! Just a quick update: the ocean weather for the long-term forecast is looking pretty stormy, so we're pushing the glider deployments to THIS SUNDAY! We'll be going out early Sunday morning (June 26) to deploy the 2 Seagliders for long-duration missions (about 5 months) that we'll be using the data from for our research, and doing some day-long tests on 2 other Seagliders (we will recover those at the end of the day). We will also be rendezvousing with U209, the Slocum glider we deployed a couple weeks ago, to make an adjustment to the science sensors.

We'll be going out to Perth Canyon, about 36 miles off the coast of Perth, Australia.

We'll have another blog shortly after the deployments, once the gliders are well under control and on their way!

Dave & Shannon

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