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Flying downhill ….

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Buen día a todos …

“Ents love to go South, my dear hobbits … It is like walking downhill”…

Treebeard in “the Lord of the rings” ..

Definitely, Silbo agrees with this deep, magic and wisdom thought… In two days, after our 7th and 8th storms (figure 1) current field finally changed and turn to SW.

Figure 1a and 1b.- Inertial oscillation generated by the 7th storm on 17 and 18 july.

To express it simply, “we were hanged to 11,s km", Oscar dixit.  Our brave Silbo flew 39 km in 24 hours... He had 2 stints flying at 0.46 m/s and 0.46 m/s (!), the second record (0.47 m/s) of the hole mission (figure 2).

Figure 2.- Last surfacings. Inertial oscillation generated by the 9th storm today ??

If we observe the SSHa anomaly and the chl a field, our primary target is crossing the eastern side of a warm eddy (W Silbo) and then, the western side of a cold eddy (S SIlbo) (figure 3 and figure 4).

Figure 3.- SSHa field on 20th july 2011.

Figure 4.- Chl a field on 20th july 2011.

Our focal point is located at 57 N 26.5 W. Here we have a toll in the highway with three good options/roads. Eastern, Central or Western road. All of them out of the < 1000 m depth. (figure 5).

Figure 5.- The next...SSHa field on 20th july 2011.

Finally the 9th storm arrived today. It perturbated the current field (as expected) and the last surfacing shows that current turned from SW to W (figure 2). However, one important remark: it keeps the speed up to 0.35 m/s, we would expect a new change again to SW at good speeds like yesterday.

That would means that Silbo would follow "flying downhill without brakes" for a while .… (fasten your seatbelts again).

However “the man proposes, and the sea decides”.

Thanks again to mi great team and have a nice day dear friends and colleagues.

Antonio G. Ramos (RCO Division, ULPGC).