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Enter the Roaring 20’s!

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Hey All,

Well Challenger is now being pummeled with his 20th storm in the 49 days since being deployed way back on June 23.

As you can see from the figure above, the presence of a strong system in the jet stream coincides with some wave activity reaching 8 ft swells, and a cloud system all in the vicinity of Challenger 1.

This storm however has not been able to slow us down as we have now had 7 consecutive segments all above 0.52 m/s!

Although it also seems that the currents are changing as we continue on our way to the south east so these speeds may not be around much longer.  As it says in the figure below, we are beginning to feel the effects of the currents moving to the north from the west side of the warm eddy to our east.  Depicted by the three lines, we can see that we have been leveling off and turning to the east because of this influence.

So we proposed a new way point of 49N 23 W to try and steer ourselves away from the eddy to our east's influence and to try and continue to surf the eddy to our south.

If we continue on our current path, we will be dragged into this North East flow

Zooming out, we can see the next two solar systems that we will be navigating over the next two weeks.

Hopefully moving the way point to our south will be enough to put us on the right path to follow the yellow arrows down the stream of warm planets to the next system.  The new way point will be set at the next surfacing in a couple of hours, so hopefully it won't be too late to try and change our course to catch the more southerly currents.  Tomorrow we will make sure to give everyone an update on how Challenger flying.

Nilsen, Antonio, and Oliver