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Challenger 1’s Sailing Away…

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Morning everyone,

Over this past weekend, Challenger 1 has soarded through the Atlantic, travelling nearly 96km (~60miles). For the past two weeks, around the time we were halfway past Ireland, the currents started really aiding us. Manipulating through the Eastern side of clockwise rotating eddys with strong Southern- Southeasterly currents boosted us through the ocean. We are currently almost halfway past France and more than halfway to the Azores, where we may get Challenger 1 recharged and cleaned off, we are not quite certain yet.

Also, the team decided to move the waypoint a little ways to the West after the next few surfacings. It's not going to be moved immediately because we still want to take advantage of the beneficial currents in the current path with the current waypoint.