Planet 51…

Hey guys

this mission is converting in a "planet 51- like" adventure.

Fig 1.- Planet 51.

Silbo follows flying a marine galaxy full of warm and cold core eddies. They aggregate and disagreggate conforming an incredible set of marine solar systems. We have explained that this kind of features keeps and transmits gyring momentum from eddy to eddy and stands for a long periods and keeping its rotation energy.

Fig 2.- SSHa  (3D). 12 aug 2011.

This is very important since it leaves us jumping from solar system to solar system taking advantage of those sectors where the currents move Silbo to the South (the Eastern side of the warm eddies).

It has  been the main reason that we changed the WP: First to 49 N, 19 W, and, looking our excesive drifting to East,  we moved it 4 degrees to W: 49 N, 23 W yesterday.

Right now, we are where we wanted to be: In the eastern side (24 W meridian) of a warm eddies chain between both solar system observed in the silbo domain, between the 54 N and 45 N paralels.

Fig 3.- SSHa  (3D). 12 aug 2011. The next Silbo path.

The new WP has worked fine. We have burnt our speed record (now in 0.57 m/s), and this morning, we covered our 15th  consecutive stint running > 10 km (>13 km some of them).

Fig 4.- SSHa  (3D). 12 aug 2011.

Current field has slighty changed to SW. They result of the South sector of the first warm eddy that we have just ecrossed. However, this weekend the silbo team expects to burn again the speed absolute record since we are now heading a new strong warm eddy signal with a significant SSHa gradient and the strongest South oriented currents field during this first 25 % of the mission.

Fig 5.- SSHa + TOTAL current field.

Have a nice Weeekend

Antonio Ramos, Nilsen Strandskov and Oliver Ho.


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