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Hey All!

So as the remains of Irene begin to reign down on the area Challenger is currently making its way trough, our team agreed to run a few tests to see what this glider is truly capable of.

Thus far in this mission, we have been operating using only about half of our available buoyancy drive.  So while we were in favorable currents, we ran a test mission to see what effects changing the dive angle and other aspects such as battery position would have on our flight patterns.  These test missions were conducted about mid day yesterday, and after some plotting and analysis, we will better understand what changes occurred.

One noticeable effect, which we discussed multiple times before going ahead with the test was the effect on battery.  If we have more parts moving in order to increase speed, we use more power, draining the battery faster. The plot of battery usage with estimated end date made by Ruben reflects how the effect on the battery from the change in flight pattern from the test.

we can see how the date of when the batteries will be used up dropped back down to end of January from a few days into February.  However, after we analyze the data from these tests, we will be able to see more clearly the benefits of flying this more aggressive style.

But before we can fly some more test missions, it looks like we will have to find our way out of a new eddy system.

Challenger seems to have been caught by the strong westerly currents from the southern side of the eddy we were currently in the midst of.  So depending on where we surface after this recent segment, it looks like we will end up fighting the northern currents of the west side of the eddy to our south until we can catch the warm eddy that is to our south west which will hopefully push us on our way south to the Canary Islands!

Finally we will leave you with this incredible imagery courtesy of NASA of Hurricane Irene's progress through the carribbean and up the eastern seaboard of the US.


As always we will keep everyone posted

Force, Sea, Wind & Honor!


Nilsen & Antonio


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