1 Month at sea

Hey All!


well it is hard to believe, but Silbo has been back at sea for a month already as he voyages south towards Cape Verde.

Granted we have had a bit of a sluggish start as we have had unfavorable currents basically since deployment, I have made an estimate of where Silbo will be on the first of each month as he crosses the Atlantic basin.

If we can keep Silbo in more favorable currents (which will easier in the coming weeks) we will undoubtedly fly faster than this projection shows, but Silbo should make landfall in Rio sometime in late spring 2013.

As for our current flight, the currents are pretty mundane and so we are nearly flying at our own will, allowing us to fly a nearly straight line towards the way point.  In the coming days as we move further south, we plan on swinging the way point out west to catch some south westerly currents that will carry us out further from the west african shelf.


Force Wind Sea & Honor


Nilsen & Antonio



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