A New Spin on our data sets

Hey all!

As we head into the Labor Day weekend, Silbo is continue to fly along as he continues to keep up a good pace of over .3m/s

With the new way point we set last week, we really started to cruise to the southwest setting our speed record for the mission thus far and keeping an average speed up of roughly .3cm/s.

Looking at the Satellite imagery (curtsy of Antonio &  http://www.afrimet.org/marinemet/ ) although there is quite a bit of cloud coverage blocking our view, we can see there this is quite a bit of productivity in the waters to the south east of Silbo.  Relative to the image below, Silbo currently is flying through the upper left corner of the map, where the imagery cut off.

As for our data, this week we will have a new way of looking at the data we have been using all along.  I have been working on getting the code that Mike Smith uses to visualize the CODAR data we have along the Mid Atlantic Bight and applying it to the data sets Antonio has been supplying us with since Silbo's deployment off of Iceland over 16 months ago to create kmz's that will allow us to see satellite and ocean model data accurately visualized in google earth along with Silbo's latest position, allowing us to see what the conditions of the water are like not only at the surface, but throughout the entire water column.  Although there are still a few more things to work out, below I have an image the currents at the surface, 100m, 300m, 500m and 1000m in the area around Silbo.  This along with temperature, salinity and wave height data will allow us to make more accurate decisions for glider piloting, which will really prove its value as we continue to grow our global glider fleet.

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