A Triumphant Examination

Hey All!

Well the inspection mission was a success!  Saturday morning, Alvaro and our team from PLOCAN arrived on site to meet Silbo aboard the Islandia after leaving port late the night before.

News from the boat is that there was some barnacle growth on Silbo's nose cone which we will have photo and possibly video footage of within the next couple days, along with a more in depth play by play of the goings on of the inspection.  However, Alvaro was able to scrape the hitchhikers off and wish our little droid luck as he prepares to cross the Atlantic.

Before he departs on this epic journey, Silbo is doing a lap around Geomar's mooring that is in our vicinity.  Tomorrow, Silbo will be given instruction to enter into low power mode, proceed to dive to 1000m, head to the north west to round the corner of the western island of the Cape Verde Archipelago and the two seamounts, and leave sight of land as he heads out into the North Atlantic.

Force Wind Sea & Honor


Nilsen & Antonio


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