Hurricane Arthur

Lets start with the latest forecast track for Arthur:

Arthur 2014 07 02 Full track

And zoom into the Northeast region:

Arthur 2014 07 02 Track Zoom

Eye is forecast to clip Cape Hatteras then accelerate to northwest over deepwater.

Greg passed along the SST anomaly:


He said it looks to be 2-4 degrees warmer than usual in the Mid Atlantic and Gulf Stream. But thats at the surface.  It is early in the season so the Cold Pool should be very cold and just below a thin thermocline.

Here is the Rutgers coldest dark pixel sst composite:


This preserves the nearshore upwelling features, and after a big storm, the cooling.  We'll be watching this product evolve as soon as the hurricane clouds are gone.

Arthur looks much more compact Sandy, even more compact than Irene:

Arthur 2014 07 02 clouds

Now with the CODAR network turned on:

Arthur 2014 07 02 CODAR

Lots of prep work on the network today.  5 MHz long range network made fully operational, so with an extra day to prepare, a new 13 MHz was deployed along the Jersey coast to further fill in the space left by Sandy.



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