Steaming Out

Yesterday afternoon the team rejoiced as the final preparations for Challenger's deployment were capped with a celebration.

IMG_1639 (Large)

Drs Frederico Brandini and Marcelo Dottori of the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) hosted a pre-deployment celebration aboard the Alpha Delfino that included a number of members of USP, the deployment team and the media.

Later that night the ship left port in Santos for a 10 hour steam to the shelf break where 29 will deployed in deep water as to try and conserve as much battery power as possible.

IMG_1648 (Large)


Reports from the field are that the seas a very rough, so the deployment will take place from the side of the boat instead of deploying from the zodiac.  Divers will most likely stay on board as well unless the conditions calm down significantly

Good luck out there guys!

Force Wind Sea & Honor

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