RU28 Sandy Hook Deployment

On July 14th, 2015 at 8:00 am, Rutgers University Glider Ops traveled to Belmar, NJ to deploy RU28 off the coast of Sandy Hook, NJ.  The crew consisted of Tina Haskins, Nicole Waite, Andrenette Morris and Liam Ramsay.  Boat Captain Rich escorted us and our cargo of RU28, Seabird CTD and other supplies out on the ocean.



The weather was a calm overcast for the majority of the trip until it began to pour rain as we entered the Belmar-Avon Inlet on the way back.  The ocean conditions were moderate as there was a rather large swell.  The crew faired well on the trip however there was a bit of sea sickness present but nothing a little water couldn't fix.




Once we arrived at the location of the deployment, we began to prepare the Seabird CTD however there were issues turning the instrument on.  We called the COOL room for help with troubleshooting and discovered that the instrument had no charge.  Our next option was to send RU28 into the ocean and gather a quick, surface CTD reading.






RU28 was out in the water and conducted a quick 1-minute CTD dive.  The CTD readings were being transmitted back to the Glider Lab.  Once we received the message to continue, our next step was to commence with the shallow mission.




With the shallow mission, the glider dove underwater for about 20 minutes to check her ballast and to test how well she was swimming.  Once the Glider Lab contacted us with information that RU28 is on the surface, we searched for her.  We found her floating at the surface, ready to begin the mission.




The crew began the mission for RU28 and she dove.  After that, we headed back for Belmar with a job well done.  We arrived at the dock no later than 11:30 am.



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