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Entering Station Keep Mode

Monday, May 12th, 2014


With less than 90km remaining between Challenger and Ubatuba, we have halted our steam and taken up post just outside the 100m isobath.  The bathymetry that lies ahead of us has a number of hills and valleys and without a working altimeter, we would prefer to stick to this spot than push on further for the moment.  The plan now is to do our best to hold this location by bouncing between a number of tightly knit waypoints as the week remaining before recovery dwindles down.

The shipping traffic density plots continue to appear to be in our favor for the larger ships. Unfortunately there is a decent amount of fishing in this area as Dr Brandini pointed out, so we are doing our best to avoid getting snagged in any equipment.



Within the next couple days, the way point will be put on shore once again and we will make our final approach towards Ubatuba.

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