Eddy Hunting!

Hey All,

Sorry for the gap in coverage on Silbo's mission.  Our brave little droid is continuing to wait patiently in the area of Madeira as our team prepares to inspect and deploy a buoy at the end of this week.

Last week, Silbo went into his station keep agenda as he bounced back and forth between two way points for a few days as we killed some time.  Our team had spent quite a bit of time making calculating how long it would take for Silbo to arrive near Madeira and so we panned accordingly to get our team out there.  However, Silbo set a number of speed records for his mission as we saw some of the most favorable currents we have encountered since deployment back off of Iceland and we arrived quite a bit early.

For now, we have sent Silbo to fly to the North west of Madeira to sample a cold eddy before we swing back down towards Madeira for the rendezvous.

Nilsen & Antonio


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