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First off I would just like to congratulate the Baltimore Ravens and Rutgers Alum Ray Rice on their Super Bowl Victory Last night!  But before the clash for the Lombardi trophy began, another team kicked into action as we had a quick discussion on Ru29.

Challenger continues to have some issues steering due to a quirky compass, but after some discussion, I submitted a new way point further out west right before the glider surfaced and just in time to see the game.  This new way point will allow us to chase down the chain of eddies shown in the NASA imagery from a few days ago that will carry us towards the equator and into a more favorable magnetic field.

As Challenger turns towards the North West, I also created a new map of the bathymetry that lies ahead with the help of GeoMapApp.

Looking forward, there is a very extensive mountain range with some peaks reaching to 200m from the surface.  On the map above, black depicts depths of >1000m while color is below.  As we make progress towards the way point, we must keep an eye on this map as to prevent from running Challenger into the highlighted sea mounts.

Sea Surface Height + Surface Currents

With the images above and below of sea surface height with surface currents (above) and 1000m depth average currents (below) we can see that we are currently flying across a front between warm and cold eddies, which may be what is resulting in the currents we have been seeing flowing to the south/southeast/southwest.  As of the last surfacing, we had a strong head current, however we seem to have flown a little better as we covered just over 6km vs the 3.5 of the previous segment.

Sea Surface Height + 1000m Depth Average Currents

The head current should only persist for the next day or so, nonetheless if it continues longer than that, we may consider a change in the way point.

To the North, Silbo is continuing to fly head on into the consistant North East current.

Luckily, the eddies continue to show that they are migrating to the west along with the gyre, so soon we should be leaving the grips of this unfavorable current.  Within the next week or two we may even see currents flowing to the South West!  It will be nice for Silbo to experience a new landscape after this dessert he has flown over the past months.

Force Wind Sea & Honor!

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