200 Days at Sea

Well it has now been 200 days since Silbo was deployed off of Gran Canaria back towards the end of July of this last year.  Since then he has flown over 3400 km along his treck traversing the Atlantic Basin moving further up the ladder of the VIG club.

As for our situation with the eddy, Silbo is continuing to see that northern flux from the cold eddy to our west, but we hope soon to begin to see a southern signature from the warm eddy to our south west.

As for Challenger to the south, she is continuing to push onwards and upwards as she flies to the northwest towards our waypoint.  She has been flying well as she keeps her speed above 10 km/segment on 3 of her last 4 surfacings.  I will update tomorrow with the updated currents and forecast.  But for now, below is an image from Chip of Challenger's path with an overlay of the bottom temperatures seen.  From this we can see pretty clearly where we began diving down to 1000 m as the temperatures quickly turn from red/orange/yellow to deep blues.

Force Wind Sea & honor

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