Quick Update for Feb 13

Hey all!

I just want to leave everyone with a quick update before the end of the night.  Today we continued our test of inflecting at depth to get a better handle on how much energy this will draw.  This test will continue for a while so we can get a decent average of our energy consumption

East Component for the MyOcean model

To aid in piloting, I have split the current maps from the myocean model into the east and north components.  Above in the East component map, we can see the pocket of western flowing water to the north west of our current location.  This pocket represents the northern side of the warm eddy that is providing us with the eastern flux Challenger is recording. In the image below if we look at the North component, we can see the two northern jets.  Although the one we are currently in would be great to stick with, it would carry us back across the EEZ through other countries waters.  So with some crafty piloting over the next couple days, we will aim to get into the second jet to the west so we can continue along a safe course tot he north.

North Component for the MyOcean Model

To the North Silbo is continuing on his way closing in on the initial signals of the eddy creating the southern current seen below.  After the progress made over the past day we should begin to see at least a neutral current (if not a southern flux) within the next 5 days.


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