Just in time for the holiday shopping: Pinzon 4D now with Sea Surface Height!!

You got that right! Antonio and his group have done it again rolling out another new product: Pinzon 4D with Sea Surface Height!



We are now able to see the altimetric data in 4 D to get a new perspective on how the ocean is moving around Challenger as she is at sea.



With this new view on the landscape, we can see how with the current way point, Challenger is sailing down what appears to be the outer western edge of a counter clockwise spinning warm eddy and on into the eastern edge of the clockwise spinning cold eddy (the center of this eddy solar system).

This eddy system should continue to help us along over the days to come as it provides some reasonably strong currents in the shallower waters while at depth we continue to have the slow yet persistent flow away from where we are trying to fly.

Force Wind Sea & Honor

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