Aiming for the Trifecta

According to the currents being calculated by the glider, 29 has been seeing a consistent push northward throughout the water column.  This overall flux shows the currents at depth are strong to the north, redirecting our trajectory as we power forward towards shore. This flux we believe may be part of the Antarctic deep water that Antonio described during Silbo's crossing from the Canaries to the Caribbean.  The presence of this water mass moving to the north is what we believe to be the reason why Silbo was unable to follow the intended path across the equator and into the South Atlantic and instead had to divert to the west.

This resistance however is not too worrying this time around as flying perpendicular to it is allowing us to make consistent progress to the west.  Last night we shifted the way point a bit to the south as we aim for our next goal: The Trifecta.


The Trifecta that we are shooting for is as follows:

1. Crossing of the Tropic Of Capricorn

2. Crossing of the Exclusive Economic Zone of Brazil

3. Leaving international waters concludes our crossing of the Southern Atlantic Ocean Basin



As we define the end zone, we look to the US and European current forecasts to see if we can attain our goal...

Looking at the currents, MyOcean seems to match more closely to what Challenger is reporting as it shows the entirety of the water column weaving to the north-northwest while RTOFS shows the outer edge of the near by eddies resulting in a flux to the south.


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