Crossing the EEZ

They Shoot! ... and they miss.


We can't win them all, but the important thing is that Challenger has officially crossed the Southern Atlantic, the first complete crossing of an ocean basin in nearly 5 years!



Looking ahead, we are planning on flying a path roughly 750 km towards the port at Ubatuba. As of right now we are not sure what sort of boat will be available to us for recovery, so we will do our best to take care of our team taking part in the operations being led by members of the University of Sao Paulo, and get the glider as close as possible.  This way we aren't waisting precious time on deck and will have more time in the lab assessing the condition of the glider and being able to make the necessary repairs for the following deployment.  For now, the plan is to still travel down to Brazil in mid may for the recovery and redeployment so we shall keep our fingers crossed as we navigate the final stretch into port and move the necessary equipment to our friends in the southern hemisphere.

Force Wind Sea & Honor

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