The Final Count Down



3 Days until recovery.  Our field team is in place in Ubatuba going over their plan for recovery.  Tripped up by our batteries not making it to Brazil on time, Marcelo has very graciously not only offered to give us the lithium batteries from his gliders in exchange for ours when they eventually arrive, but his team has brought their glider to Ubatuba so there is a full suite of spare parts available to us if there is any staggering damage done to our glider.  When having a glider at sea as long as 29 has been and expecting to redeploy within a mere few days for the glider's longest journey to date, collaboration with friends like this is absolutely crucial.

The waypoint has now been set in the direction of land and the plan going forward is to aim for the valley that lies ahead between the two hills reaching up to 70m as we try and avoid the shallower bathymetry along our final approach.

Force Wind Sea & Honor


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